Frequently Asked Questions

We answer all your questions about our download cards!

What is a redeem code?

A redeem code (aka. download code) allows your file to be downloaded from the internet quickly and securely.
The way it works is simple: Each one of the codes is unique and gains the cardholder one-time access to your files.

How does this work?

We offer one-time codes for downloads of digital user content.
The files are stored securely and can only be accessed with a valid download card. Download cards are rendered invalid, as soon as a download was completed successfully. Incomplete downloads are recognized and do not consume the code.

How do I get started?

You create a new account by simply clicking "Sign Up" or "Buy Codes!". Confirm your email and start creating your code packages right away.

What do I get for my money?

Not only will you get your customized redeemoid codes on a print-ready, high-resolution PDF, with your very own design, but also access to detailed analytics and insights about how your codes are performing, an option to export the codes to other file-types (like CSV or Spreadsheet) and full control of validity and download contents - at all times.

That's not all!
We are constantly adding new features to make the redeemoid experience even more awesome.
Missing something? You can submit your idea right here!

Do the people redeeming my codes have to sign up for anything?

Anyone who owns a valid code, can simply use it without registration. Keep it simple, right?

Who's going to take care of file hosting?

That's us!
You don't have to worry about slow connections, down-times or bandwith limiting. We host your files securly on blazing fast Amazon S3 servers.

Can I collect information about users who redeem their code?

We share all kind of information with you about the usage of your codes.
Those information contain browser, operating system, device-type, download status, redeem date and more.

Do the codes expire?

Code expiry can be freely set by the code owner. You can change the validity timeframe whenever you want. At all times.

I want to sell my codes. Can I do that?

Once you receive the codes from us, you are free to use them whichever way you want (as long as the content is not illegal in any way).

I have a mind-blowing idea about how to make redeemoid even better. Where can I submit my idea?

We can't wait to hear about it!
You can submit your idea right here!
Thank you a thousand times for helping us, making redeemoid as awesome as possible for all our users.

You still have questions?

We've got you covered!
If you can't find the right answer to your question, just use our contact form, to reach to us directly.