About Us

We don't talk very much, but..


About redeemoid

redeemoid was born when a friend and musician told us about the hell that producing a vinyl album is. We stepped in to make at least one of the steps easier and more affordable: Producing download codes for music. A digital copy was added to every pressed vinyl they sold.

No matter if you are an one-(wo)man artist or the manager of hundreds of bands. With redeemoid, managing your different code packages will be a breeze.

redeemoid is not only for music.
You can use our download cards to safely distribute any digital goods you have. We are talking ebooks, videos, images, documents, music, giveaways etc.

redeemoid isn’t in it’s final form
We are constantly developing new features, because we love what we do.

Are you missing a feature or you think an existing feature should work differently?
Just tell us your idea or give your us your feedback!

We would love to hear your ideas and use-cases! tl;dr The Konami code is a thing here.

We are..

We are two developers in our early 30’s from beautiful Vienna, the heart of Austria (Not the one with the Kangaroos, the other one!).

We love "The Office" and a couple of beers on weekends just like the next guy, and our girlfriends think we should spend less time on the internet.

We've set ourself the goal to give people more than just an affordable alternative to other, more expensive (music) download card services.